Production methods and formulas

Concentration of plant-derived active ingredients for a healthy looking skin

Stimulates cellular rejuvenation

Our skin, acting like a natural protective shield, renews itself continuously. Although the essential fatty acids in our food contribute to the regeneration, the amounts are insufficient. For this reason Sarôme skin care creams, with a high content of vegetable oils - more similar to the natural skin structure than silicone oils - stimulate cellular rejuvenation: the skin looks healthier, with a radiant complexion and a silky smooth feel.

Prevents premature skin aging

Pollution, sunlight or an unhealthy lifestyle: numerous external factors affect the skin every day. The anti-radicals in Sarôme's skin care lines come to the defense by minimizing cell oxidation and neutralizing free radicals, the main cause of cutaneous aging. The combination of different natural antioxidants protects the skin from oxidative stress and makes it possible to preserve its youthfulness longer.

Protects your skin from harmful effects of external factors

By adding natural healing substances to its beauty elixirs, Sarôme skin care reinforces the resistance of the capillary vessels while soothing the skin. This combination of active ingredients provides a true protection and a perfect hydration of the skin.

The secrets of a good formula:

  1. Quality excipients*: natural vegetable oils and butters
  2. Natural active ingredients providing an optimized affinity with the skin 
  3. The absence of components that are harmful to health and the environment
  4. Simples and effective compositions.

*Excipients are used as base for cosmetics formulas: they act as a carrier for the active ingredients, enabling optimal absorption and defining the texture and appearance of a skin care product. An excipient can also be an active ingredient, as in Sarôme skin care products.

Pamper your skin with the best nature has to offer!