Nature is inspiring, rich and generous

After completing a trip along the Mediterranean coast to unveil the secrets of plants and beauty rituals passed on from one generation to another, Sarah Cozon created her own cosmetics line in the Saint-Tropez area, to accentuate the original beauty of women.

Sarôme skin care is the fruit of this extraordinary trip: the heady scent of cedars in Italy, the splendor of century old olive trees in Provence, the infatuating textures of oriental almond oil and, last but not least, the sweetness of the nectar of the Gods: honey…


All these invigorating natural ingredients are carefully selected for the quality of their active substances. They are constituents of the Sarôme beauty elixir formulas, exclusively produced in France.


The natural* cosmetics of Sarôme are developed in Provence for professional use in beauty salons and spasSarôme dedicated skin care treatments generate beneficial effects, like a southern breeze caressing the skin.



* Products contain at least 92% ingredients of natural origin